My pro dog sessions so far have been a wonderful experience, I really enjoy it. It has also been very educational for me and I look forward to every session. Marc is definitely an amazing trainer!

Lillian Rattan,

On behalf of my family, I wish to thank your Company, Pro Dog Limited, for the wonderful work done in the training of our two Rotts. Prior to your arrival, we honestly thought that it was a lost causeNow my kids can actually go in the yard and be in control of them, as it was just the opposite before your training.

Gary Griffith,
Santa Cruz

This is a renewed dog. It was remarkable to see the progress he made thanks to Marc who has helped both my dog and me.

Soriyah Juman,
Santa Cruz 

As the owner of two rottwellier pups, I realised early that I needed help to train and handle the dogs. A family friend recommended that I seek the services of Marc, who was at that time training my family friend’s pit bull terrier.Marc started to work with the dogs in early July 2009 and at all time was not only punctual for the training sessions but always had a planned approach to the training – using different methods to teach the dog compliance on simple commands.

After just a few sessions, there was a marked improvement in the behaviour of the dogs. They were easier for me to handle and were responding to my commands.

Further to this, Marc was able to give me helpful advise and tips on how to best care for the dogs and to understand them.

Now I have better control over the dogs and I have Marc to thank for that. I trust his training techniques. He exercises alot of patience with the dogs (and the owners) and these techniques never caused any harm to the dogs in anyway.

I definitely recommend the professional training services of Marc to anyone who is serious about training their dogs.

Barry Ali
Preysal Audio Shop
We thought that there was no hope that our pompek/poodle Coco would be able to get along with another dog. She would attack any puppy we brought into our yard. After a few years we hoped that she outgrew this behaviour and purchased an English Cocker Spaniel (which we named Beasley) – no change! The attacks were fierce, unprovoked and frequent. We had to give up our porch in order to keep them apart and protect Beasley. We actually began looking for another home for Coco – much to our dismay as we all loved her very much; not only was she a loyal, otherwise very well behaved dog, she was also a member of our family for 4 years.

In searching for a solution, we consulted our veterinarian, who referred us to a clinic, who in turn referred us to Marc Windgassen. Marc is a gifted Dog Whisperer! He used very effective techniques to correct and modify the behaviour of both Coco and Beasley. He came to our home in Palmiste, La Romain once per week – although he lived in North Trinidad. He taught us the “pack structure” and how to be the pack leader of our dogs. He taught Beasley to recognise Coco as higher ranked in the pack and got Coco to modify her behaviour and not only tolerate Beasley but also get along with him.

Aside from working with Coco, Marc also trained Beasley the 5 important commands: sit, down, stay, heel and come. More importantly, he trained us how to train him, so we can continue to do so on a on going basis in his absence. Marc’s methods are not only effective they are gentle. He showed us how and when to correct the dogs in a very effective manner. In no way are Marc’s methods ever abusive (as some other trainers’ methods sometimes are).

Marc truly has a passion for dogs and dog training. He understands the reasons why dogs behave and act the way they do and so can predict their behaviour and get them to change it – permanently.

Now, Coco and Beasley get along quite lovingly together: playing, sleeping and eating together. There have been virtually no incidents – only one or two minor ones which were not a problem for us to handle and effect proper corrective action. The past 2 – 3 weeks have been without incident.

We are extremely thankful for Marc’s help and will forever by indebted to him for what he has done for us.

We highly recommend him without reservation!

Peter and Tamara Traboulay
San Fernando